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Root Canals

When nerves within teeth become diseased or damaged, a root canal (endodontic therapy) performed by a Tucson dentist is required in order to save them. A tooth or teeth may require root canal treatment due to such occurrences as deep decay, the formation of cracks, failing restorations, tooth trauma, or weakening due to multiple fillings. Advancements in technology and techniques mean that root canals can now be performed relatively pain-free and within one visit to our Tucson dentist office. It is usually recommended that a full coverage crown is applied after the root canal is completed.


Tooth-colored fillings are quite popular today and are frequently requested by our Tucson dental office patients. The reason for the high number of requests is that composite restoration fillings can be very closely matched to the color of existing teeth and are bonded to the tooth surface rather than being simply inserted into the tooth cavity. Our Tucson dentist, Dr. Michael Manela, can easily apply composite tooth-colored fillings so that your smile beams and is less flawed.


Added dental protection, strength and beauty can be achieved by having dental crowns applied at our dental office in Tucson. Crowns are often necessary after a root canal, when a tooth is badly broken, or when large or numerous fillings leave a tooth structurally weak. You can select from crowns made of several materials such as gold or porcelain-to-gold. Full ceramic crowns are also available and, although not as durable as gold or porcelain-to-gold, they are often selected by our Tucson dental patients because they provide a more natural appearance to your smile.


Since your smile is the first thing that most people notice, teeth whitening treatments by our Tucson dentist, Dr. Michael Manela, have become extremely popular. Although there are various methods of treatment for whitening teeth, the at-home-custom-fit treatment, which requires placing bleaching material into plastic trays, is the most widely used. The reason this method is most recommended by our Tucson dental staff is that patients normally experience less sensitivity and receive longer lasting, more stable color. This method also allows for “touch-ups” by simply adding additional whitening gel to the reusable trays.


Our Tucson dental office emphasizes dental health through preventative measures that tend to the bone and tissues surrounding the teeth. Soft tissue inflammation and bleeding is a sign that teeth are in danger from periodontal disease. If such conditions are not readily treated by our Tucson dentist, tooth loss could eventually ensue. What’s more, such conditions can also be tell-tale signs of more serious health problems such as heart disease, respiratory illness and diabetes as well as lowered birth weights in newborns. Early detection and subsequent intervention of periodontal disease by our dental office in Tucson is the key to saving a patient’s teeth and determining the early signs of more serious health issues.


The dental office of Dr. Michael Manela is one of the Tucson dental offices that utilize digital radiography instead of traditional x-ray technology. This computer-driven x-ray process offers several key advantages. Results can be both computer enhanced and viewed on a typical computer monitor and images can be easily stored and electronically transmitted to other locations. More importantly, the digital radiography technique used by our dental team in Tucson is much faster, requiring only a few seconds of x-ray exposure compared to several minutes by the traditional method which means you get as much as a 90 percent reduction in radiation exposure.


Most necessary extractions are performed in office by our dentist in Tucson. If a complex or complicated procedure is indicated you will be referred to a Tucson Oral Surgeon.

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