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We strive to provide you with highly professional care in order to best meet your needs for a dentist in Tucson. As an experienced Tucson dentist team, we are concerned about not only your treatment appointment(s), but your pre-visit and post-visit needs aswell. It is our goal to restore our patients to, and assist them in maintaining, optimum dental health. This correlates to better total health for each individual.

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Although appearance and function of the teeth themselves are the more obvious concerns for most people, the health of the underlying periodontal structures is truly the foundation for overall dental health. As a top dentist in Tucson, are very aware of this premise and continually upgrade our knowledge and clinical skills in the area of Periodontics in order to better serve our patients. Additionally, we strive to educate our patients regarding the necessity of maintaining sound periodontal health. This approach encourages active participation of Tucson dentist, Dr. Manela, the hygienists, the clinical staff, and particularly the patient. Ideal dental health requires the participation of everyone for optimum results.

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