Why You Should Talk to Your Dentist About Your Diabetes

452352467Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects your body’s ability to process sugars. This condition impacts many aspects of your health, including your oral health. If you have diabetes, talking to your dentist can help you develop a more personalized dental care plan that addresses the unique dental health concerns that arise from diabetes.

The Link Between Diabetes and Gum Disease

Dental studies have uncovered a link between diabetes and the risk of gum disease. Individuals with diabetes are much more likely to develop this common oral condition, which causes inflammation of the gums that can result in permanent damage without dental treatment. Furthermore, recent studies have suggested that this link is not in one direction only—thus, patients with poor gum health may be at higher risk for developing diabetes, while those with the condition already may have a harder time controlling blood glucose levels if they also suffer from periodontal disease.

Your Dentist and Your Risk for Gum Disease

Gum disease is a very common condition—according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of all Americans suffer from gingivitis. The best way to prevent gingivitis is to follow a regular daily dental care routine that includes both flossing and brushing. Visiting your dentist regularly for dental cleanings is another part of an effective prevention plan, as only dental instruments can remove plaque from the teeth once it has hardened into tartar. If you have diabetes, talking to your dentist about extra steps you can take to prevent or arrest gum disease will help you not only maintain better dental health, but better general health as well through improved control of your diabetes.

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