Understanding the Benefits of Digital Radiography

Depending on when you started going to the dentist, you might remember that taking x-rays involved biting down on a bulky device and then waiting for the film to be developed so that the dentist could see your teeth, gums, and jaw. Thanks to digital radiography, those days are over. Digital radiography—also known as digital x-rays—give your dentist detailed images instantly that can be used for making treatment decisions with less radiation exposure and less time spent in the dentist’s chair. There is a long list of benefits of digital radiography in the dental office. Here is a look at some of the top advantages.

Instant Images

One thing that dentists and patients alike love about digital radiography is that the images are available instantly. As a patient, you can see your images on a computer screen right away, allowing your dentist to immediately see the important structures in your mouth while involving you in the treatment process. You won’t have to wait around for film to be developed, and you’ll have the information you need to be a more active participant in your care.

More Comfortable Experience

Traditional film x-rays involve large bitewings with sharp edges that were notorious for triggering gag reflexes and cutting the inside of the cheeks. The bitewings used in digital radiography are smaller and have smooth, rounded edges, so they are significantly more comfortable. In addition to comfort, digital radiography is also safer for patients, since it uses 70% less radiation than film x-rays.

More Accurate Treatment Decisions

Digital radiography offers more detailed images than traditional x-rays, which means your dentist can make more accurate treatment decisions. They also allow dentists to detect issues earlier, so that you can get less invasive treatments.


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