Here Are the Three Kinds of Teeth Staining

People may end up dealing with stained teeth for all kinds of reasons, and this can bring down their self-esteem and confidence. The more you know about why your teeth become stained, the more you and your dentist can do to prevent it. Here is a look at the three kinds of teeth staining.


When your teeth become stained due to foods and beverages you consume, this is called extrinsic staining. Coffee and red wine tend to be common culprits for extrinsic teeth staining, but healthy fruits like blueberries and blackberries can play a role as well. If you want to prevent these foods and beverages from staining your teeth, consider changing the way you ingest them. You should also brush your teeth after eating or drinking so you can keep your teeth from being overexposed to these staining agents.


Although your natural enamel might be nice and white, the dentin inside your teeth may not be so bright. Intrinsic teeth staining happens when the dentin becomes darkened or discolored. This can happen due to facial traumas, overexposure to fluoride, or the use of certain medications. Teeth whitening might still be effective, however, so talk to your dentist about treatment options.


It is natural for your teeth to become stained as you get older, because the dentin inside them gets darker over time. Your enamel may also become thinner as you age, and it will stain more readily.

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