Staying Healthy After a Tooth Extraction

If you have a tooth that is seriously damaged, decayed, or otherwise compromised, your dentist may recommend an extraction procedure. During an extraction, the affected tooth will be gently removed from your jawbone. Immediately following the procedure, it is important to practice good oral health care in order to protect your gums, teeth, and jawbone from infection and other issues. Here are some tips for staying healthy after a tooth extraction.

Eat a Soft Diet

After you have a tooth extraction procedure, you may find that it is difficult to chew and swallow for the days that are immediately following your appointment. Before your extraction date, prepare your home with soft foods, such as pudding and yogurt. Sticking to soft foods while you recover will help you avoid irritating or opening up the extraction site, which could cause discomfort or other oral health issues.

Get Plenty of Rest

While most extraction procedures can typically be accomplished in a single appointment, you will still need to provide yourself with plenty of time to rest after the procedure. Immediately after you get home, take the time to rest and recuperate. You will also need to avoid exercise or other vigorous activities for a few days after your appointment.

Use Salt Water Rinses

To keep the extraction site healthy, your dentist may recommend that you use salt water rinses periodically throughout the day. Rinsing with salt water will clean out the area and help to reduce the chances of infection or other complications. By following your dentist’s after care instructions, you can make sure that your extraction heals properly.

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