Signs of Oral Health Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

When a major toothache kicks in, most people can’t get to the dentist fast enough, but when the signs of oral health problems are subtle, it’s easy to put them on the back burner. However, some oral health symptoms that may seem minor or sporadic can actually be early warning signs of serious problems that can cause significant complications when they aren’t addressed in their early stages. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of oral health problems, call your dentist for a checkup.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can indicate one of the most serious oral health problems that you can experience—gum disease. Often, in the early stages of gum disease, gums may bleed when you floss and brush and may also look swollen and pale. At this stage, your dentist may be able to reverse the gum disease with a deep cleaning and some tweaks to your oral hygiene routine. If you ignore these symptoms, you could be at risk of everything from tooth loss to an increased risk of heart disease, all caused by advanced gum disease.


There are many different reasons for lesions to appear inside your mouth, from minor infection to diet. However, sometimes these lesions can be the first signs of oral cancer. If you develop a lump, sore, or patchy area of skin that doesn’t go away after a few days, have it evaluated by your dentist. When diagnosed early, oral cancer is highly treatable.

Tooth Sensitivity

The cause of tooth sensitivity is not always easy to pinpoint, and often, these causes are not serious. Unfortunately, tooth sensitivity can also indicate decay or receding gums, which are two problems that need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Call your dentist so that he or she can make an accurate diagnosis.

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