Signs That You Aren’t Brushing Your Teeth Correctly

Brushing your teeth and brushing your teeth the right way are different things. Brushing and flossing every day is necessary, but brushing the wrong way can end up causing problems for your oral health. Blood and sensitivity, plaque, and bad breath are all indicators to watch out for, so read on for more on these signs.

Bleeding or Sensitive Gums
In some cases, bleeding gums are a sign of an infection or disease like gingivitis, but in other cases gums bleed just because they’re being treated too roughly. Stronger bristles won’t do a better job of cleaning your teeth, and they could just end up agitating your gums or even wearing down your enamel. Don’t brush too intensely, and use a soft-bristled toothbrush when you do. If your gums bleed or you feel any sensitivity when you brush your teeth, look for special sensitivity toothpaste.

Plaque Buildup
If you brush and floss your teeth every day and you still have plaque buildup on your teeth, then you’re probably doing something wrong. It’s best to brush twice every day, especially after meals. Brushing removes the particles and bacteria that accumulate on your teeth to form a film of plaque, and if you go too long without dealing with this plaque, it will harden into calculus. Only your dentist can adequately remove calculus from your teeth, so try changing your brushing habits if you can’t get rid of the plaque.

Bad Breath
Halitosis is a condition that causes people to have bad breath, and there are many possible causes. One obvious cause is lack of dental hygiene. If you’re not getting to all the hard to reach areas, the contaminants left behind can cause bad breath.

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