See What Your Dentist Sees with Dental Digital Radiographs

One reason it’s so important to see your dentist for regular appointments is that he or she will have a different vantage point than you can experience with your bathroom mirror. Dental Digital Radiographs can reveal more about your teeth and gums, so you’ll have a clearer picture of your oral health. Keep reading and see what your dentist sees with dental Digital Radiographs.

Why You Need Dental Digital Radiographs

It’s certainly a good idea to check out the inside of your mouth by looking in the mirror, but you can only see so much. Even your dentist is somewhat limited in what he or she can see during oral exams, which is where dental Digital Radiographs come in. Dental Digital Radiographs can give you a much clearer perspective, and it can help you and your dentist find problems that you might not have otherwise noticed.

Different Types

Thanks to all the different kinds of technology that modern dentists work with, there are a few types of Digital Radiographs that can be performed. Occlusal Digital Radiographs look at the floor or the roof of your mouth, which can be helpful for locating teeth that haven’t yet erupted. Panoramic Digital Radiographs show most of the mouth, so they can be used in a wide range of situations.

How They Work

Before you can take an Digital Radiographs, you’ll need a lead apron to block the radiation. Once you’re covered, you’ll bite down on film, but it will look like a piece of cardboard or plastic to you. Some patients like to rinse their mouths before and after the procedure for optimal comfort.
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