How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

Dentist chair in a dental surgery

A tooth extraction is not a scary procedure, but you might still feel some anxiety nonetheless. If you want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, just remember to prepare yourself for the experience. Continue on for a look at how to prepare for a tooth extraction.

Meet with Your Dentist

If you have never had a tooth extraction before, you might have a number of different questions on your mind. Fortunately your dentist will be happy to answer all of your questions and address any of your concerns. You will always meet with your dentist before a tooth extraction, so you will have an opportunity to discuss the process with a qualified professional.

Understand the Procedure

Your tooth extraction is a relatively straightforward procedure, and there are not many moving parts. Your oral health professional may start by taking x-rays or using other imaging techniques to achieve an optimal view of your teeth, gums, and jaw as well as seek out any signs of infection. Typically a simple local anesthetic will be enough to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Understanding the nature of the procedure and what you will experience may help to prepare you for the real treatment.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Avoid setbacks and set yourself up for success by preparing for aftercare before your procedure. Make sure you have ice packs to keep the swelling down, and fill any prescription you may be given for pain medication. You should also remember to avoid using straws for a day or so following your tooth extraction treatment.

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