How to Prepare for Your Root Canal

Even though there’s no real reason to be afraid of a root canal, people still associate the procedure with pain and discomfort. Modern root canals are easy to get through, and your dentist will make sure you have nothing to worry about. Keep reading and learn how to prepare for your root canal.

Understand the Procedure
Your dentist will explain how the root canal procedure works and tell you what you should do in the days leading up to the treatment. The purpose is to clean out infected or damaged pulp from the inside of a specific tooth, before filling the pulp cavity and sealing off the crown. This keeps the infection from spreading to other teeth or other parts of the body. If you’re nervous, remind yourself that a root canal is a common procedure, and it will reduce your pain.

Prepare for Recovery
It’s normal for your lips and gums to be numb after your root canal, and you may feel throbbing after a few hours. These symptoms are temporary and can be treated with OTC pain medications. Try to take it easy and pick up your medication before going into surgery.

Maintain Your Oral Health
Once you’ve fully healed after your root canal procedure, continue to take care of your teeth and gums to avoid further problems in the future. You’ve had the infection removed, and by sticking to a positive dental health routine, you can make sure it doesn’t come back. Floss every day, brush your teeth twice every day, and don’t skip out on your appointments with your dentist.

It’s best to get your root canal done as soon as possible so you can alleviate the pain and prevent infection from spreading. If you’re not sure if you need a root canal or have any questions about how the process works, call the Tucson dentists at Manela Dental at (520) 744-2039 for assistance.