Myths and Facts About Dental Cavities

178784188When it comes to oral health, it is always wise to stay informed. Your oral health can impact your general health, so it helps to be able to differentiate myth from fact. Read on for a look at a few myths and facts about dental cavities so you will know when to see your Tucson dentist.

Fact: Dental Hygiene Helps Prevent Cavities

The importance of dental hygiene tends to be relatively well known across the country. Brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing once each day can help you enjoy clean and healthy teeth and a bright, confident smile. Failing to practice proper dental hygiene and follow up on your Tucson dentist appointments can leave your teeth exposed to harmful agents that will wear away at your enamel over time, eventually leading to tooth decay.

Myth: All Cavities Are Noticeable

A cavity does not always make its presence known. Small cavities formed by small amounts of tooth decay may not be noticeable at all. Similarly, cavities in less noticeable locations such as between teeth might go unnoticed for some time. If you can feel a cavity, there is a chance that it has already developed significantly. Tooth decay will continue if it is unchecked or if your habits remain the same, so it helps to visit your dentist as soon as you notice that you have a cavity.

Fact: Acid Breaks Down Enamel

When you allow your teeth to remain exposed to acidic foods and drinks, you are putting your enamel in danger. Bacteria can produce acids that weaken your teeth and increase your susceptibility to decay. It helps to limit your intake of acidic foods and drinks and avoid snacking in between meals. Drink plenty of water and practice proper dental hygiene.

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