Managing Your Pain During and After a Tooth Extraction

Sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary, but it shouldn’t be too painful as long as you trust your dentist and follow the right steps in your aftercare. Anesthetics and painkillers can help keep you comfortable and out of pain, so just be careful during your recovery period to enjoy the best results. Read on about managing your pain during and after a tooth extraction.

Local or General Anesthetic

Whether you receive local or general anesthetic for your tooth extraction operation depends on how many teeth you are having pulled. For a single tooth extraction, your dentist will likely inject you with a local anesthetic. This will numb the immediate area so you won’t be in pain when the tooth is pulled. If you are having several teeth pulled, your dentist may opt for general anesthetic instead; this can be more effective in reducing the pain.

Over the Counter or Prescription Medication

Everyone handles pain differently, and you might not have the same tolerance for discomfort as someone else. If you tend to have a high threshold, then you might be fine with over the counter medication to deal with your pain. On the other hand, those who are particularly sensitive when it comes to pain might need prescription medications. Be sure to talk to your dentist about your medications in advance.

Recovery Period

The way you take care of yourself during your recovery can substantially increase or reduce the pain you feel. Don’t overextend yourself for a day or two following your extraction, and avoid smoking and drinking through straws. This can prevent complications and eliminate the risk of unnecessary pain after your procedure.

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