Learn the Dental Side Effects of a Poor Diet

A balanced diet supports the health and well being of your entire body. If you want to take excellent care of your teeth, consider changing your diet to include more fresh vegetables and other nutritious items that are recommended by your dentist. Eating a poor diet that is filled with refined sugars and other junk foods can eventually lead to significant health problems. Here is a look at some of the dental side effects of a poor diet.


Increased Cavities and Tooth Decay

When your diet is high in refined sugars, your teeth may be more likely to decay. Candy, soda, and other sugary foods can create the ideal conditions for gingivitis bacteria to grow and thrive. As bacteria develop and spread in your mouth, they can create cavities and advanced forms of tooth decay. Along with routine brushing and flossing, steering clear of sugary treats will help to protect your mouth from cavities.

Higher Chance of Gum Disease

Your gums can also be affected by the foods that you eat. A poor diet will not provide your gum tissues with adequate nutrition, which may make them more likely to become inflamed and damaged. Over time, eating unhealthy foods can dramatically increase your risk of gum disease.

Frequent Bad Breath Problems

If you are self conscious about your breath, you may want to consider adjusting your diet to eliminate certain food groups. Eating a diet that is lacking in essential nutrients may make you more likely to suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath issues. Along with eating a healthy diet, you can also improve your breath with daily brushing and flossing.

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