Latest Dental Trends: Composite Fillings

Cosmetic dentistry helps us enjoy our smiles in ways that we never have before. For some people, composite fillings are the ideal treatment. They can handle a variety of problems while allowing you to keep your natural teeth and avoid dental implants. Keep reading about the latest dental trends and find out why composite fillings are so popular.

Conditions They Treat

Tooth decay is a huge threat to your oral health. It is a prevalent issue that nearly everyone must deal with, but dealing with it is easy with the help of your dentist. Dentists have used fillings to treat cavities and dental decay for a long time, and today’s composite fillings are more useful than ever. This treatment prevents your tooth decay from getting worse, which means you’ll be less likely to deal with painful symptoms like a toothache, and you’ll protect yourself from an abscess.

How They Work

Your dentist starts by numbing your gums and the surrounding area with an anesthetic. You can also talk to him or her about nitrous oxide gas to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your dentist will remove the decay and put in a composite filling.

Why They’re Trending

Fillings have been a tried and true method of dealing with cavities for many years, but composite fillings are particularly popular. This could be because composite is affordable and easy to work with, and your dentist can make your fillings match your natural teeth. It won’t be so visually obvious that you have a filling, and yet you’ll still enjoy all the practical benefits.

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