Halloween Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Children

Halloween Jack o Lantern pail overflowing with candy

Halloween can be a fun time of year for the whole family, but it can be tricky for your teeth. If you want to offer your Tucson dentist a treat rather than a trick, be sure to snack during the most appropriate times and refrain from eating certain types of candy. You should also balance these snacks out with healthier dietary components. Read on for a closer look at these Halloween dental hygiene tips for your children.

Know When to Snack

The longer you expose your teeth to sugary snacks, the more damage you stand to endure. Rather than snacking on Halloween candy throughout the day, limit children to having a couple of pieces of candy just after a meal. This is the best time for snacking because the saliva you produce while eating a meal can help to remove food particles from the mouth. You might also be more inclined to drink water or another healthy beverage alongside your meal.

Avoid Certain Candy

It is much easier to limit the exposure of your teeth to some candies than others. Sticky, gummy, or chewy types of candy can work into the crevices between your teeth and quickly build up and form tooth decay. Try to stay away from taffy and sugary gum.

Keep Your Diet Balanced

People – especially children – tend to eat more junk food around Halloween, but that does not mean it should take up a bigger portion of your diet. Balance out your snacking by drinking more water and eating a more substantial amount of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods; your teeth and your body will thank you.

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