Get the Facts About Root Canals

There are many myths that surround root canal procedures, such as the pain associated with them. It is very important to understand all the facts to prevent these harmful myths from continuing to spread. Here are a few facts to learn about root canals:

It saves the natural tooth.

It is incredibly important to save as many natural teeth as possible during dental procedures. One of the best ways to save teeth is for a dentist to perform a root canal instead of a tooth extraction. This procedure eliminates the infection destroying the roots, but it maintains the integrity of the tooth’s structure. This structure allows a patient’s mouth shape, chewing ability, and smile to naturally remain the same.

It is like a cavity filling.

Many patients believe that a root canal procedure is a long, difficult, and painful task, but it is very similar to a routine cavity filling. The dentist will properly numb the treated area to ensure there is no discomfort. He will drill into the tooth and remove the infected material from the roots before cleaning the area. After this process, he will insert a sealing solution, called gutta-percha, into the roots to prevent future infections. During the same appointment, or a second one scheduled at a later date, the dentist will adhere a dental crown to the tooth to keep it protected. The patient should not feel any more discomfort than he or she might experience during a routine cavity filling.

It is not overly painful.

Intense pain is often a misconception associated with root canal procedures. The dentist will always ensure the patient is comfortable before, during, and after a root canal procedure to prevent any pain or discomfort.

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