How to Get Your Child Ready for Her First Dental Visit

Shortly after your child’s teeth start coming in or she turns one year old, it is time to set up her first dental visit. This visit is crucial to your child’s future dental health, so it is important to prepare her properly. Talking with your child and meeting the right pediatric dentist are essential to getting her ready. Read on to learn how to get your child ready for her first dental visit.

Talk with Your Child

The key to a successful visit with your child’s dentist requires you to have a direct conversation. Tell her what she might expect from the dentist, and explain how this visit will keep her teeth and mouth healthy. If she has questions about her teeth, taking care of them, or the dental visit, then try to answer as best you can. If you do not know the right answer, then tell your child that the dentist can explain it better. This conversation will help put your child at ease leading up to the visit.

Practice with Your Child

Part of your conversation can include brushing your child’s teeth together. Have your child pick out her favorite children’s toothbrush. Introduce the concept of the brush and allow your child to practice brushing her teeth. She can observe you, as well, to see how brushing and flossing should be done.

Meet the Dentist with Your Child

It is vital that your child have a formal meeting with her pediatric dentist. This can be done during the appointment. You and your child should sit down with the dentist to go over the different procedures that your child can expect during the visit. The dentist will tell her about the different tools and machinery. This is a great opportunity for you and your child to ask the dentist about proper oral care techniques to use every day.

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