What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Tobacco

Tobacco is notoriously bad for your health, and yet many people still haven’t kicked the habit. Smoking cigarettes and using smokeless tobacco will both cause discoloration in your teeth, increase your risk for a wide variety of health problems, and prevent certain treatments from being successful. Here’s more on what your dentist wants you to know about tobacco.

It yellows your teeth.

If you know anyone who has smoked for an extended period and hasn’t had teeth whitening treatment, you might have noticed their teeth slowly losing their nice bright shine. Instead they become a pale-yellow color, and in some cases, teeth even take on a brownish tint. Whether you smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, or enjoy cigars with your friends, you put your healthy smile at risk for discoloration through these activities.

It increases your oral health risks.

It’s common knowledge that tobacco is bad for your health, but you might not realize how bad it is specifically for your oral health. In addition to yellowing your teeth, tobacco products make you more susceptible to several oral health conditions. Cavities and tooth decay are more prevalent in smokers, and tobacco use may lead to gum recession as well. If you don’t treat these problems, you could lose your teeth.

It hinders treatment.

Recognizing that your habits are harming your oral health is the first step, but it doesn’t mean much if your habits don’t change. Even when you seek treatment for oral health problems like gum disease, tobacco use will make treatment less effective.


Quitting smoking and putting down the chewing tobacco will make your dentist in Tucson happy, and it’ll have a great effect on your smile. The Manela Dental team is happy to answer any questions you have about tobacco and oral health, and you can learn about our services on our website. Call us at (520) 744-2039 for more information today.