Common Reasons Why Patients Need Tooth Extractions

147490622Holding on to your natural teeth is ideal for most people, but replacing bad teeth with better prosthetics may be a more favorable alternative for some. This is one case in which you would need your Tucson dentist to perform a tooth extraction. Keep reading for a look at a few common reasons why patients need tooth extractions.

Relief for a Crowded Mouth

An overcrowded mouth can set the stage for a range of complications down the line. This occurs when too many teeth grow in at the same time, causing crookedness and misalignments. Your dentist may recommend a simple tooth extraction to treat this problem; this will free up space for crowded teeth to settle into their natural spots comfortably.  In many cases, Orthodontic intervention will most likely be needed as well.

Prevention of Risk

A minor infection might not mean much to some people, but it can be life threatening to others. Those who undergo chemotherapy, for example, may be more vulnerable to infections because of their inhibited immune systems. If any given tooth appears to be infected or close to becoming infected, your dentist might extract it to prevent the infection from spreading or starting up in the first place.

Alleviation of Infection

Even those who have highly efficient immune systems may have teeth extracted due to infection. Tooth decay that starts by eating away at your enamel may provide a pathway for bacteria to enter your pulp. You might be able to treat the resulting infection with antibiotics and a root canal procedure, but some of the more severe cases of infection call for tooth extractions.

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