Break Your Misconceptions About Gum Disease and Periodontal Health

As prevalent as it is, not everybody understands gum disease. There are many myths, rumors, and misconceptions that can ultimately affect your oral health in a very negative way. Talk to your dentist and continue to break your misconceptions about gum disease and periodontal health.

Myth: You Can Skip Periodontal Checkups If You’re Pregnant

Life changes substantially when you’re carrying a baby, and your schedule will change along with it. As busy as you may be, however, being pregnant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to see your dentist. The truth of the matter is that periodontal disease is an infection, and even an oral health infection can affect the health of your baby. It might be a bit more difficult, but it’s still beneficial to meet with your dentist while you’re pregnant.

Myth: Oral Health and Overall Health Are Unrelated

The fact that gum disease in a mother can affect her baby’s health is evidence that oral health and overall health are in fact linked. This means that practicing proper dental hygiene and taking care of your oral health can make you a healthier person overall. Gum disease may be particularly related to your overall health, as it may increase your risk for serious issues like heart disease and stroke.

Myth: Bad Breath Means Poor Hygiene

Bad breath can be embarrassing, but sometimes brushing your teeth won’t make it go away. If you have bad breath despite practicing proper dental hygiene, the problem may be due to the buildup of specific types of bacteria. Be sure to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth, and talk to your dentist or periodontist about improving your breath.

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