An Overview of Tooth-Colored Fillings

452352467Cavities leave holes in the teeth that are susceptible to further buildup of plaque and tarter that can lead to more serious oral health issues. Keep reading to find out how tooth-colored fillings from your dentist can help you restore the function and aesthetic appeal of your teeth:

Bonding the Filling to the Tooth

Tooth-colored fillings can be bonded to the natural tooth to provide the most natural looking results. Because dentists now understand so much more about the anatomy of a tooth, they can ensure that tooth-colored fillings do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Restoring the Function of the Tooth

Dentists always want to do whatever they can to keep a patient’s natural teeth in the mouth. These tooth-colored fillings restore strength and function to the tooth while avoiding further decay. If you have cavities, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist to determine whether these fillings would be the appropriate restoration to strengthen your tooth enough to give you back the full function of your mouth.

Keeping the Tooth as Close to Natural as Possible

Modern tooth-colored fillings are designed to keep your tooth functioning as naturally as possible. Because these fillings bond with the natural tooth they make the tooth and filling stronger than the fillings of the past, which actually weakened the tooth. These new fillings work with your natural tooth to optimize your oral health.

Providing the Best Aesthetic Appeal

Fillings of the past were not the same color as the tooth, which created a mismatched smile. These new tooth-colored fillings help you achieve a balanced, beautiful smile.

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