How the Aging Process Affects Your Teeth and Gums

Your teeth and gums might change quite a bit as you get older, but oral health problems are not an inherent aspect of aging. Medications and their side effects, the individual’s capacity to care for oneself, and certain medical conditions can play their roles. See your dentist and read about the aging process and your oral health.

Medication Problems

Older individuals tend to be more prone to need medication than younger folks, and these medications may come with all kinds of side effects. One common medication side effect to watch out for is dry mouth. This inhibits the production of saliva and can thus have a substantial impact on your oral health. When saliva can’t wash out food debris, acids, and bacteria from your mouth, your enamel is more vulnerable to attack. Talk to your dentist if your medication gives you problems with saliva production.


People are living longer than ever, but not everyone stays completely spry into their old age. A parent, grandparent, or other aging family member or friend may have trouble taking care of him or herself, leading to the neglect of oral health. It’s important to stay consistent with your dental hygiene routine if you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, but this isn’t easy to accomplish when you don’t have the same mental faculties as you used to. Help your aging loved ones stay committed to oral health.

Other Medical Conditions

Your teeth and gums are inherently important for your oral health, but they relate to other types of health as well. Diabetes, heart disease, and other medical conditions can make it more difficult to keep your teeth and gums up to par. Talk to your doctor and your dentist to see what you can do to protect your teeth and gums.

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